RheoLogic Ltd sell two very useful software packages. Please e-mail me to let me know your interest and discuss your application.

TopWeb is a simple practical tool to aid design and troubleshooting in handling webs such as film, paper and foil. It performs calculations on tension, slip, air entrainment, misalignment, wrinkling, web guiding, roll size and weight, and winding. TopWeb has been developed by Prof Steven Abbott,, with expert input from David Roisum, Tim Walker and myself.

An example screen, slip, alignment and wrinkles:

TopCoat is an extensive practical guide to coating methods, giving explanations and performing key calculations on coat thickness, operability and drying. Further details are available on the Rheologic Web site, TopCoat - RheoLogic Ltd - here's a snippet:.

30-day evaluation copies of both programs are available.

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