NEWS: November 2020

Our new book: The Web Handling Handbook


1.  Overview

2. Materials

3. Rollers

4. Traction

5. Tension

6. Drives

7. Nipped Rollers

8.Guides and CD Path Control

9. Wrinkles and Flatness


11.  Winders

12. More Web Handling and Processing

13. Appendices

14. Glossary (over 50 pages)

Authors: David R Roisum, Timothy J Walker and Dilwyn P Jones

750 pages, ISBN 978-1-60595-598-8

For more information and purchase, visit The Web Handling Handbook 



2020 has been quiet, and I will continue part-time for the near future. The UKs exit from the EU is in my view a big mistake, and I will need to understand the new rules before taking on more work in Europe. Depending on activity as the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, I may decide to close my consulting business. I will still consider possible assignments in a personal capacity.

I would like to thank all past and present clients for providing me with interesting and challenging projects. I hope my input has been useful and led to solved problems, enhanced quality and better performance.

The rest of this website remains pretty much as it was, but I have moved my publications record to Orcid at



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Contact Details

Phone: 07970 269575 (UK), +44 7970 269575 (abroad)



Business Address: Emral Ltd, Greenabella, Bentley Wynd, Yarm, Cleveland, TS15 9BS.

Areas of technical expertise

Plastic film manufacturing

Film processing and converting

Web Handling (film, foil, paper, nonwovens)


Electrostatic charging and elimination


Production problem solving

Deformation, stress and heat transfer modelling


Film and material properties and applications

Statistical data analysis

General physics and mathematics

Simple, practical computer models

Main tools: Excel, VBA, MathCad

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