How I can help you

The contact:

All relations will be confidential. Exploratory discussions are free.

I will only accept assignments I believe I am competent to do.

I will tell you if I know of any potential conflict of interest.

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The problem:

Your project may be fully specified and well understood.

Alternatively, I can undertake some fact-finding and observe your problem.

I can work across a broad spectrum: from machinery details to technical strategy and from quality issues to new product opportunities.

The assignment:

Your requirements and interests will be paramount.

I will diagnose the problem, propose and implement solutions.

I can work with you or independently, at your premises or remotely.

I can be an expert on your team, or even lead it.

I can use the right blend of experiment and theory.

My role can be R&D, Engineering, Production, or Information Provider.

The product:

You may require a report, presentation, or computer model.

I can also give seminars and training tailored to your subject and level.

Advice will be independent and impartial, and given in good faith.

I will regularly review and inform you on progress.

I will ensure you understand my recommendations so they can be acted upon.

The outcome:

A successful solution!

I can work with you to implement agreed recommendations.

Competitive advantage through technical expertise.


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